BEAST's Gikwang is Summertime Ready for 'CeCi' Magazine!

thekatsmeow, May 20, 2015, 10:50 a.m.

Whoa, is it getting hot in here, or what? BEAST's resident momjjang (best body) and possessor of glorious abs Gikwang is taking on the summer heat in CeCi's June edition! Gikwang transforms into the perfect beach boy as he models an array of summer themed outfits, showing off his signature abs, pecs, and luscious lips.

In one picture, Gikwang gets mouths watering as he chomps down on a piece of watermelon, in a simple, but appropriate watermelon-pink tank top, and in another, he looks ready to jump in the pool as he models denim shorts, a navy blue and yellow floral, short-sleeved top, with some fun summer sunglasses! CeCi further teased fans with one last picture of Gikwang in a palm tree patterned track jacket, zipped down to give fans a peek at his pecs and abs, as he sucks on an icy treat, emphasizing his to-die-for lips.

However, fear not, Gikwang fans. This isn't the end of it! More pictures of Gikwang's spread will be released in CeCi Magazine's June edition, so make sure to grab your copy!

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