Beenzino’s Model Girlfriend Stefanie Michova Responds to Hate Comments

SWAG-Tastic Voyage, Sept. 4, 2015, 11:25 a.m.

Donghae and Eunhyuk have been actively promoting in Japan, and they recently released their newest short preview video for their upcoming track “Let’s Get It On”! There is a problem however, as the video shows Donghae and Eunhyuk being very taken by a girl that runs into them, some of their ELF fanbase are lashing out at the woman starring in the video.


The girl in the music video is none other than Stefanie Michova, who is know as Beenzino’s girlfriend, and she posted a screenshot of the music video showing herself linking arms with both Donghae and Eunhyuk on her Instagram account. Some of the ELF’s have posted negative comments towards her on her SNS as can be seen in the screenshot.

Stefanie Michova’s reply read:

"Stop talking sh**. Like you know this sh**. People chill. I'm happily in a relationship. And I find it very upsetting that girls have to hate on other girls. Everyone who feels the need to express their own insecurities and hate on my profile will get blocked. I hope you can get some help and find love/purpose in your life.

P.S. I appreciate all the love and support I have received from many ELFs and people."
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