BESTie’s U.JI Releases the Official Music Video for “Autumn Leaves”

Ben Cho, Sept. 18, 2015, 9:29 a.m.

BESTie member U.JI has just released the music video for “Autumn Leaves” (“The Road We Walked”)! Just like was previously stated, U.JI’s solo track is an R&B track regarding the longing feeling that one has after having ended a relationship and looking backwards toward the past. The song was written, composed, and produced by singer/songwriter 40.


The video stars another BESTie member, Haeryung. U.JI’s voice combined with Haeryung’s amazing acting abilities and beauty definitely make this music video one that fans will watch over and over again. The music video starts off very tragically, as a truck runs a red light and runs down Haeryung. The remainder of the music video shows the main character reminiscing about the better days spent with Haeryung, and remembering the good times that he had with her.
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