BFFs IU & Yoo In Na Spotted in Rome!

LAtte, Aug. 3, 2015, 10:39 a.m.

It's been reported that on August 1st, famous celebrity BFFs singer IU and actress Yoo In Na jetset to Italy for a vacation! The duo was spotted in Italy by a passerby, whose photo went live on social networking sites, spreading news of the girls' getaway even faster!

An agency affiliate spoke to Daily Sports, commetning, "The two went on their own, without any staff members to accompany them. They want it that way, booking their own tickets and dong everything themselves... We're not sure when they'll be back. They simply told [us] that they would be fine and not to worry."

The girls were photographed in Rome enjoying their time together, away from the spotlight in Korea. IU and Yoo In Na are known to be extremely close, despite their 11-year age gap, having met on the set of the SBS variety show 'Heroes'.

Can anyone say #friendshipgoals?

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