Big Bang Discusses the Hard Times They Experienced as Trainees and Stars

Inquisitive Bro-Migo, May 5, 2015, 10:48 a.m.

Big Bang took their fans for a nostalgic ride as they reminisced about the hardships they endured while being trainees as well as what's in store for them in the future. During an interview, the members were asked about what they thought and felt about being Big Bang for almost 10 years now.

T.O.P said, "We haven't fought once. We still feel as if time is not important. We haven't lived with a sense of time, so maybe that's why we think the idea of time is not important."

Taeyang and G-Dragon chimed in saying, "Even when we were trainees, the company was in a difficult period. In that difficult environment, we went through a hard time tooNow the YG system has become systematized and we see the trainees who are learning in this system, we think it will be hard for them to learn and take on a 'hungry mentality.' When we were young, we felt hunger in our bones. If we got #1 as soon as we debuted, I think we wouldn't have had a lasting passion. We were a group that wasn't even able to make it near 1st place for our first one to two years."

Taeyang then said, "When we were trainees, we loved snacks. It was hard to practice and we wanted to eat snacks, but we didn't have the money to buy them. So we asked the PD who was filming our documentary to buy some for us. If we ordered food more than once a day, we were called and scolded. We couldn't spend more than 5,000 won (approx. $4.62 USD). We didn't like feeling uneasy, so we only ordered an appropriate amount. We still talk about that a lot."

G-Dragon commented, "Now our company's economic status is of course much better than it was back then. There are a lot of options we can choose from. Maybe we endured through everything for that long to do these things."

The members were asked about their thoughts on being at their "peak". Taeyang and G-Dragon stated, "To an extent, it's true we need to decide when our peak was, but we don't know if it already came or if a higher peak will come in the future. That's why we think it'll have meaning to decide on that. For example, if our peak is becoming like Michael Jackson, then we can't be satisfied with where we are now. We don't want to be like that. Rather than deciding on one [goal] and going towards that one goal, we haven't decided on a goal, and as we continuously going forward, we think we will reach it. If we look back now, we don't know when our peak was. We'll have to look back much later on in order to find that out."

At the current rate they're going, it doesn't look like Big Bang has reached their peak and has only further up to go!

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