Big Bang Gets Goofy in Making Of Films for "Let's Not Fall In Love" & "Zutter"

SWAG-Tastic Voyage, Aug. 6, 2015, 9:31 a.m.

Big Bang may have said "Let's Not Fall In Love", but how can you help not to fall for them? The boys have taken fans behind-the-scenes while filming the music video, and will have fans grinning uncontrollably and may even feel a little bit envious of their carefree and goofy moments.

The boys interact with female actresses and models like Seo Ye Ji, He Yeon Soo, Lee Ho Jung, and Kim Yoon Hye. The girls and boys all look like they could be a real couple, which fangirls might definitely not like.

T.O.P brings laughter as he messes around with Ha Yeon Soo on set, which made a staff member comment, "This is the first time I'm seeing you like this since debut". T.O.P hilariously replied with sass, "I'm like this when I date!", and another staff member agreed with the female staff member, T.O.P retorted, "Have you dated me?!"

Check out the fun and goofy moments in both of the videos here at!

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