Big Bang held their last concert before enlistment!

Yumi Kim , Jan. 2, 2018, 11:08 a.m.

On December 31, Big Bang went on stage and performed as a group before they enlist in the military. The concert, ‘Last Dance Tour’ took place in Seoul, Korea at the Gocheok SkyDome in Seoul. The special event started off with “Hands Up” as fans began dancing and getting pumped up. It then lead to the groups’ hit “Sober”. Afterwards, G-Dragon introduced himself and the group. He stated, "As it is a very special day in many ways, we hope this day stays in your memory for a long time. It's good to see everyone again."

The concert consisted of their latest hits, solo works, and fan interaction. The boys thanked their fans and asked them to wait for them. Daesung said, "This Gocheok SkyDome is close to the high school I attended. It feels special to know that we can end at the same place where Big Bang started. I don't think this 'Last Dance Tour' is the end but rather the end of the first act/chapter. I'll fulfill things I need to and I'll return healthy. My life is VIP, I love you all." G-Dragon also shared some words, "I think because the fans and we have gone through so much together, we can do more/be there for one another. I was able to overcome many things because I was with the fans. We'll come back much more mature so we hope everyone will wait for us with an excited heart.

Seungri also poured his heart out and said, "We're humans, not robots so it's possible for us to make wrong decisions. Every time we make mistakes, a lot of things go through our heads but it's at those times especially when we think we should give back to all the fans who supported us and showed us love. I wish to create a memory of where Big Bang can stand on the stage as 5 once again. We will now perform a song that all five of us wanted to say to all the fans; it's a song in which all five us put our sincerity into."

We will wait for Big Bang! 

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