Big Bang Meets Fans in Shanghai and Release "Bang Bang Bang" Live Performance

SWAG-Tastic Voyage, June 29, 2015, 9:11 a.m.

Big Bang continues to impress and wow their fans as they give them an in-depth look at how the group prepares and enjoys their downtime from their concert tour, and this time the boys can be seen in Shanghai! In the first part of their "MADE Diary with Naver" collaboration, the group revealed a "Tour Report in Guangzhou" video, which features the members at the Guangzhou concert last month.

Last week, the boys released their video for "Tour Report in Beijing", then their Hong Kong performance, and now fans will be getting the Shanghai video footage. In the week's video, the boys are seen as they sneak around their fans, and nobody suspects a thing! Taeyang wears a rabbit suit and chases after an unsuspecting fan, who seems to be a little scared. Many of the fans get hugs, and Taeyang even does a small freestyle dance for them. G-Dragon himself joins in the crazy version of the chorus for "We Like to Party", having each of the members sing the chorus while madly shaking their heads, then posting the video onto his Instagram.

The group gives yet another unforgettable performance for "Bang Bang Bang", with small clips of other performances as well. Big Bang will be having two more concerts in China before heading over to Thailand.

In order to see all the Big Bang goodies, be sure to watch their "Tour Report" video here at!

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