Big Bang Releases Their BTS "Tour Report in Hong Kong" with Two Performance Videos

SWAG-Tastic Voyage, June 22, 2015, 9:56 a.m.

Big Bang continues to deliver jaw-dropping, unforgettable performances, and also have made sure to show fans how they made it all happen, starting from preparing for their concert performance, and ending with the boys winding down after their performance!

In the first part of their "MADE Diary with Naver" series, the group released their "Tour Report in Guangzhou" video, showing the members performing at the Guangzhou concert last month. Last week the group released their "Tour Report in Beijing" video, and now fans will be able to see their "Tour Report in Hong Kong" performance video!

In thhe Hong Kong footage, the boys of Big Bang will show you how they created certain Instagram posts. The video also shows a closer look at the group's personal life, as G-Dragon takes a break by reading mangas in his free time at the venue, while the rest of the boys take selfies. Don't panic, since there is yet another unforgettable live performance of "Bang Bang Bang". Using a selfie stick, Seungri can be seen filming the craziness of the group's "We Like to Party" performance.

Big Bang will have three more concerts in China before they head to Thailand. You heard it here at!

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