BIG BANG to Appear as a Whole on 'Happy Together 3'

babyqueen, May 11, 2015, 1:13 p.m.

VIPs are in for a treat! BIG BANG will be making an appearance with all five members on 'Happy Together 3' for the first time in nine years! The group is set to film for the KBS variety show on May 15th, leading up to a close air date. Although YG Entertainment artists have been avoiding KBS shows, it's assumed that the two have mended relations recently.

With the featuring of Jinusean on 'Music Bank', it feels safe to assume that the two companies have mended their relationship to a more amicable one. Seeing as the appearance of YG artists on these KBS programs are increasing in recent days, we hope there's more in store for fans in the future!

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