BIG BANG's Daesung releases official announcement regarding controversy

Jun Ko, July 26, 2019, 11:33 a.m.

BIG BANG's Daesung released an official statement, in regards to his current controversy: "Hello, this is Daesung. First and foremost, I want to deliver my sincere apologies for causing worry while I'm fulfilling my military duties. The building in question is one that I purchased before my enlistment. I was summoned to fulfill my mandatory military service almost immediately after the purchase, which caused the maintenance of the building to fall short. I want to apologize once more for negligence. When I purchased this building, there was already businesses running within the building, so I was unaware of the types of businesses being run by the leaseholders. I plan on taking strict legal action against those who are found guilty of running illegal businesses. I plan on doing my best to take full responsibility as the owner of the building. Even though this might be late, I admit my shortcomings and am reflecting on my actions. I will take responsibility for any wrongdoings. Thank you." 

The controversy began on July 25th when reports claimed that there was a drinking establishment in the basement level of the building that was thought to be involved in illegal prostitution services. The police announced that they'll be investigating the alleged illegal business: "We are currently looking into seeing if Daesung is held to aiding or abetting in regards to the illegal business." 

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