Big Bang's "Happy Together 3" Episode Had Lowest Viewer Rating in History of the Show

Inquisitive Bro-migo, May 23, 2015, 11:19 a.m.

The "Happy Together 3" special Big Bang episode on May 21st surprisingly recorded the lowest rating for the show's 8th year run as "Happy Together 3", and also had the lowest rating in sixteen years counting all of the seasons of "Happy Together".

The news comes as a big shock since there was so much hype about Big Bang's appearance on the program, and it was the first time that the group had made a guest appearance on a KBS variety show in 7 years.

The staff of "Happy Together" was also expecting higher ratings even though the show has been struggling lately, and the episode was aired as 100 minutes long instead of the usual one hour length.

"Nielsen Korea" released their ratings report which showed the May 21st live airing of the show that recorded 4.6% viewer ratings for the national average. During the episode before that however, on May 14th the show had a rating of 5%. The previous lowest rating was the April 30th episode, which recorded 4.7%. This means that with 4.6%, the May 21st episode is the show's lowest viewer rating since the show began on June 1999, combining all three seasons.

One representative of the broadcast stated, "Big Bang's appearance in KBS 'Happy Together' seems to have been the wrong move. It has proven the show is getting completely pushed over by the [SBS show] 'Jagiya'. KBS ambitiously prepared Big Bang's appearance, but in the ratings battle, it got pushed back."

Another broadcast representative commented, "It's worrisome that KBS' leading variety show with a 16 year history is going down hill."

It's hard to say what the cause of the low ratings were, since there were not a variety of guests and it was solely focused on Big Bang.

A few netizens gave their own opinions about the situation saying, "If one or two Big Bang members guested along with other different guests, the ratings would have been higher. Since they were the only guests, it turned me away and made me change the channel." Another netizen wrote, "It's possible that many more people would have used the 'watch again service' (viewed the episode later online) rather than the live airing."

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