Big Bang’s Seungri had a fun outing on MBC ‘I Live Alone’

Yumi Kim , March 16, 2018, 3:49 p.m.

Big Bang’s Seungri has been very busy with his schedules. The idol appeared on the March 16 airing of MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’, Seungri had a dun outing with his father and had a fun yet painful sparring session with 1TYM’s Oh Jin Hwan. The episode began with the Big Bang member visiting a martial arts facility. Seungri, who has won several medals at jiu-jitsu tournaments met up with Oh Jin Hwan and had a one-on-one match.

Oh Jin Hwan stated, "It's been about 4-5 years since I started jiu-jitsu."

Seungri was asked if he was better than Oh Ji Hwan, and he answered modestly, "He's much better than me."

The match among idols was intense as viewers were surprised with Seungri’s skills. However, Seungri was crushed by Oh Ji Hwan when he used painful moves on Seungri.

Later on, Seungri and his family went out to eat. The idol took his family to a fancy restaurant that is famous for being hard to reserve. Despite that fact, Seungri’s dad kept asking for soju and ordinary Korean dishes. To this Seungri said, Father, do you know how hard I tried to book this place?" And then revealed, "You know what's really funny about my dad? Whenever he comes to Big Bang concerts, he's never in the venue." Seungri then explained that his father is outside taking photos with fans. His dad then stated, Yeah, that's right."

Things warmed up when Seungri’s dad told his son, "Let's have a meal together like this more often. Sometimes I suddenly miss Seungri when I get drunk.."

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