Big Bang’s Track ‘Bang Bang Bang’ Currently Has Over 180 Million Hits

David Song, Oct. 24, 2016, 10:09 a.m.

Big Bang’s latest track ‘Bang Bang Bang’ already has over 180 million hits and is going strong! The track was released in June of 2015, but is still considered one of the most popular K-pop tracks even to this day. K-pop tracks usually have a short shelf life, but it looks like Big Bang’s track may end up becoming a classic, as well as a shining example of what K-pop should be.


The music video is now over 180 million views, and people are still hitting that play button over and over it seems! A big congratulations goes out to Big Bang not only because they’ve created such an amazing track, but especially for creating a track that surpasses K-pop stereotypes. It’s not every day you see a K-pop track still going strong after already being out almost two years.

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