Big Hit Entertainment announces the first member of their newest group 'TXT'

Jun Ko, Jan. 10, 2019, 11:40 a.m.

On January 10th, Big Hit Entertainment has announced Yeonjun as the first member of their newest male K-Pop group 'TXT' (which stands for TOMORROW X TOGETHER, but read as Tomorrow by Together)! The label released Yeonjun's teaser photos and his introduction film 'What Do You Do?' onto Twitter and Youtube respectively.

Within his introduction video, Yeonjun is seen with a stuffed bear he won from a game as his companion as he plays around in three locations: an arcade, a computer room, and a karaoke room. The video ends with the sound of morse code, which fans decoded as the word 'Dreaming'.  

TXT marks as Big Hit Entertainment's second male K-Pop group after BTS (who made their debut back in 2013). Shortly after the release of Yeonjun's introduction, fans of BTS showed their support for the upcoming group by trending '#TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER' worldwide on Twitter as well as the terms 'Yeonjun' and 'BigHit'. 

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