RBW responds to fan concerns about MAMAOO's health

BanSeok Shin, Nov. 13, 2018, 11:57 a.m.

RBW has heard the concerns of MAMAMOO fans over the group's health, however, still decide to continue witht the concert.

As previously reported, fans expressed worry that MAMAMOO's concert and promotion schedule has been too busy and that they are worried about the health of the girls which appears to have declined according to some fans. Last week a group of fans sent a formal letter requesting that MAMAMOO's agency, RBW Entertainment, cancel the group's December concert in the interest of giving the girls some rest. Since then, the agency has responded saying that it knows about the concerns and boycott and takes responsibility for them, but that it cannot cancel the concert given how far into the promotion schedule they already are and how postponing the concert would also affect the scheduling of future activities. The agency said that it wil place the health and safety of the group first and apologized to fans as well. Many fans are boycotting the December concert as a warning to the agency.

Hopefully the members of MAMAMOO will be both physically and mentally fine and will be able to put on a successful concert amid all of the drama.

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