Big Hit Entertainment yet to respond to the controversy of Akimoto Yasushi working on BTS' Japanese album

Jun Ko, Sept. 14, 2018, 4:27 p.m.

Big Hit Entertainment has yet to respond to the netizens' outrage for deciding to have Japanese producer, Akimoto Yasushi, produce the track 'Bird' for BTS' upcoming Japanese album. Fans have posted and emailed Big Hit Entertainment on the matter as Akimoto Yasushi was known for participating in anti-Korea productions as well as being known for being highly misogynist. 

Fans have stated their intent on boycotting BTS' Japanese album if Akimoto Yasushi remains as a producer for the album. 

However, Big Hit Entertainment remains silent on the issue, despite the fans' demands for proper feedback and reporters' attempts for a comment on the issue. 

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