Big Hit Entertanment Registering Trademarks for the Names 'BTS' & 'ARMY' in South Korea

BanSeok Shin, Dec. 4, 2018, 10:48 a.m.

Big Hit Entertainment has registered the names 'BTS' and 'ARMY' in South Korea. The agency reported that they are attempting to get the trademark rights to these, as well as other names related to BTS. It should be noted that 'registered' does not mean 'owned'. Big Hit Entertainment registered the English names to the Korea International Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS), but they have not yet recieved the approval to trademark the names. Additionally, although further information is currently unknown, it can be speculated that the trademarks to the names may only be in regards to the South Korean entertainment industry as both name can and may already be used for other entities, such as the use of the word army for both the South Korean and U.S. military forces stationed around the country.

Image result for bts army logo

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