BIGBANG Discusses Impending Military Enlistment & the Label of 'K-pop' with 'The Washington Post'

Anna Park, March 4, 2016, 4:27 p.m.

BIGBANG has proved their worldwide fame time and time again, and this time, they’ve further made their presence known through an interview with ‘The Washington Post’! The article discusses the K-pop industry and the group’s reputation in South Korea, including an interview that took place in Tokyo during the group’s world tour run.

In the article, BIGBANG is compared to world stars such as Taylor Swift and One Direction, noting that the group’s ‘MADE’ tour sold almost a million tickets for 18 shows in Japan alone, while One Direction sold 2.4 million tickets across 85 shows around the world. The guys then went on to tour several cities in North America last year. Member Taeyang shared, “We were amazed that people knew our songs in countries that we haven’t even been to, such as Mexico […]They’d never seen us other than on the Internet.”

The news article states that BIGBANG broke out of the “K-pop machine” and “matured to become a new generation of boyband, one whose artists are involved in writing, composing, and producing.”

Maknae Seungri discussed the label of ‘K-pop’ stating, ““Actually, I don’t know why they call Korean music ‘K-pop,” while G-Dragon added, “We are Korean, so obviously they call our music K-pop. But we never thought of our music as K-pop. Our music is just our music.”

T.O.P added his two cents saying, “You don’t divide pop music by who’s doing it. We don’t say, for instance, ‘white pop’ when white people make music.”

The article further pointed out how important the members’ individual activities (such as their acting and fashion ventures) are, as this is a time when BIGBANG’s future is being called into question with the guys’ mandatory military enlistments looming over them. Male Korean citizens are required to complete at least 20 months of military service before turning 32, and currently, T.O.P (the oldest member) is 28, while G-Dragon and Taeyang are not too far behind at 27.

G-Dragon openly shared, “If we’re going to talk about that, we’ll feel sad […]We are Korean, so we have to go someday, but I don’t know when it’s going to be. Until then, we’ll just try hard to do what we got to do.”

T.O.P showcased his positive attitude regarding the future stating, “I believe in destiny, and I’m going to let it flow and see how it goes.”
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