Black Pink reveals favorite cosmetic items

Angela Jung, Feb. 27, 2017, 11 a.m.

Black Pink shared their personal beauty tips via Onstyle’s “Get It Beauty.” On the episode that aired Sunday, each of the four members shared their favorite items from their dressing tables. 

Jisoo surprised hosts with a simple set of understated cosmetics. She said she is more interested in skin care than shade cosmetics. “I have very dry skin, so I usually focus a lot on moisturizing. I use facial masks twice or even three times a day,” Jisoo said. 

Jennie often joins Jisoo for the complicated skin care routine. “They never come out once they go into the shower room!” Rose commented. 

Jennie showed various limited-edition cosmetic products. “Whenever I see limited-edition items, I feel like I must buy them,” she said. Rose sticks to certain products that complement her rather than trying out different products. Her nearly used-up eye shadow proved she actually loves to use the shade. 

Lisa boasted a wide variety of cosmetics, for which the hosts gave her the nickname of “Cosmetics Mansour,” referring to the wealthy deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mansour. “Lisa does cosmetics shopping all day at a department store, and then comes home to keep shopping online,” Rose said. 

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