BLACKPINK share their joy in being able to kick off their world tour [In Your Area] in Lisa's home country of Thailand

Jun Ko, Jan. 11, 2019, 11:42 a.m.

BLACKPINK kicked off their '2019 World Tour [In Your Area]' in Lisa's home country: Thailand! They'll be holding their first concert on January 11th at the Impact Arena in Bangkok; they were to initially hold their concerts in Bangkok on January 11th and 12th, but due to the high demand, it was decided that they'll be holding another concert in Bangkok on January 13th. Their Thailand fans must have been really excited to hear the news as the tickets for the additional day sold out completely within an hour of its release. 

With [In Your Area] being their first world tour, they took the time to share some of their thoughts of the event during their January 9th press conference in Bangkok. 

Lisa: "I have always wanted to hold a concert in Thailand ever since my debut. I hope a lot of people will enjoy BLACKPINK's performance and I'm thankful for the warm welcome." 

Jisoo: "I was surprised to hear that all the tickets were sold out for the first two nights, but I was even more surprised to hear that the tickets for the additional show were also sold out. I know that Lisa worked hard in Korea for a long time, so it's touching to be in Thailand. We'll make sure to present nothing but the pbest performance." 

Jennie: "Since our trainee days, we wondered, 'How special would it be when we perform in Lisa's home country?' We are thankful for the welcome and the love." 

Rose: "It's meaningful to start our world tour in Lisa's home country of Thailand. It's a good start to the world tour. I was so touched by the warm welcome when we arrived. With all of this great energy, we'll make sure to present an amazing performance." 

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