Block B Member Zico Endorses Ocean World

Hyo Jin Lee, June 14, 2016, 8:16 a.m.

Block B member Zico is the latest idol to endorse the water theme park Ocean World. Seven Seasons announced that Zico has become the model for 'Ocean World' and recently completed CF shooting. Seven Seasons added, "Zico's outstanding musical talent, verbal skills, smart style, high fashion sense, and other qualities are increasing demands from various advertisement agencies." 

Woo Ji Ho, known as Zico, is a South Korean rapper, producer, singer-songwriter and leader of the boy group Block B, signed under the label Seven Seasons. He has released one solo album, Gallery (2015).

Zico is notable for his successful crossover skills in the Korean hip hop scene, maintaining an underground reputation along with mainstream appeal as a Korean idol. He is also a producer of both K-pop and Korean hip hop music. In 2014, he appeared in the second season of the television show Fashion King Korea, along with fellow Block B member P.O.

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