Block B show off new "LG Mobile" phone in CF

Jessica Lee, Oct. 13, 2017, 10:09 a.m.

Block B and "LG Mobile" show off the latest LG V30 smartphone in their new CF. The company has been teaming up with the most popular idol groups to advertise their new smartphone offerings and in this CF, Block B is able to present the phone in a refreshing manner. 

In the video clip, the members take turns showing the smartphone's new and improved features and jam to their own song, "My Zone." 

Block B made their debut in 2011 and was created by Cho PD. After a brief period of controversy (Thailand interview and label change), the group was able to make a successful comeback in 2013. Four of the members have had solo debuts (Zico, P.O., Park Kyung, and Taeil) and the group has a sub-unit, BASTARZ (U-Kwon, B-Bomb, and P.O.).

Check out the CF below!

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