Block B’s Jaehyo is on the hunt for some good, homemade kimchi – seriously!

Kyongeun Park, Aug. 31, 2016, 10:07 a.m.

Block B’s Jaehyo is creating quite the buzz on Twitter after making a pretty quirky request via his personal account. The boy group member surprised fans when he posted a tweet asking fans to sell him their mom’s kimchi.

In the initial post, Jaehyo wrote, “If your mother happens to be a kimchi artisan, please sell some of it to our dorm. Honestly, the kimchi we buy at the market doesn’t taste as good when we cook it. The requirements are: 1) The kimchi must be famous for being delicious in the neighborhood. 2) No scamming just because I’m a celebrity. 3) I will pay for shipping as long as the person can ship reliably. No volunteering just for the sake of it, I mean it.”

Jaehyo then further explained the terms, stating, “If you send me proof that your kimchi is by a kimchi artisan via Instagram DM, I’ll follow you, and then we can negotiate from there.”

It seems many fans followed up on the request and even offered to send it to him for free, to which the singer took to Twitter again and wrote, “Please don’t bring me kimchi. That’s not why I made this post. I will honestly buy it. If you bring it for free, I’m going to send it back. We plan to use the kimchi for a stew and kimchi fried rice.”

The topic of Jaehyo’s kimchi became so crazy that the phrase “Our house kimchi” began trending on Twitter in Korea! We hope Jaehyo and the boys can enjoy some good kimchi soon!

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