Block B’s P.O Apologizes for His Clothing at “70 Years of Independence” Festival

Sensitive Artist, Aug. 17, 2015, 12:24 p.m.

Block B’s P.O apologized for his wardrobe selection at the “70 Years of Independence Sinbaram Festival”. Block B performed “Very Good” and “HER” at the festival, and what managed to catch the attention of the audience was that P.O’s jacket had Japanese writing on it, which they found was inappropriate. Due to the festival marking Korea’s independence from Japan on August 15th, it was stated that the outfit was in “poor taste”.


Seven Seasons stepped forward to release an official announcement saying:


“Hello, this is Seven Seasons.

This is about P.O's outfit at the '70 Years of Independence Sinbaram Festival' on the 15th. We bow our heads in apology to the citizens on P.O coming on stage with the problematic outfit even though the stage was to celebrate 70 years of independence. 

His stage was not checked fully before he went on stage. This is a mistake we have no excuse for and something that cannot happen again, so we are deeply sorry.

We send our respect to the patriotic martyrs of the country as well as the fallen who died protecting our homeland that shed blood and sweat for Korea's independence, and we once again apologize to everyone who were offended by this.

Thank you.”


Block B’s P.O then posted his apology on Twitter saying, "Hello, this is Block B's P.O. Yesterday at the '70 Years of Independence Sinbaram Festival', I wore an outfit that did not fit with the theme and made many people uncomfortable. My fault is the biggest for this situation." He added, "Instead of making excuses, I want to apologize to our country's citizens with all my heart. I will pay closer attention to my outfits from now on. I'm sorry."


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