Block B’s Zico Injured on Arirang’s Simply K Pop

Hyo Jin Lee, April 20, 2016, 9:20 a.m.

Block B’s Zico has been learned to have suffered a minor injury while recording for Arirang’s show, Simply K Pop. Seven Seasons revealed, "During the recording for Block B's "A Few Years Later", Zico slipped and fell. After the stage, he said his fingers hurt, and when we check up on it, it wasn't too major of an injury. We'll determine Zico's situation after further observations." 

Woo Ji Ho, better known by the stage name Zico, is a South Korean rapper. He is the leader of the boy group Block B. Zico is known for various things, but mostly he is notable for his successful crossover skills, maintaining an underground reputation with mainstream hip hop appeal even as a Korean idol. He has produced both successful K-pop and Korean hip hop music. Zico is also known for his trendy and unique fashion sense, which lead to him being cast in the second season of the television show Fashion King Korea, along with fellow Block B member P.O.

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