BMW 5 Series closer to autonomous driving

Eddie Cho, Oct. 24, 2016, 10:11 a.m.


The new seventh generation of the BMW 5 series sedan highlights a high-tech driving assistance system, a step closer to autonomous driving technologies, the automaker said on Sunday.

The German auto giant said the new sedan’s driving assistance system features a stereo camera, which constantly monitors the car surroundings with radar and an ultrasonic sensor.

The new sedan also has a lane control assistant function to allow the car to head off the sudden collision by recognizing obstacles including lane changes.

Also, intelligent speed assist function is added to control acceleration, brake and handling from the stationary state to driving up to 210 kilometers per hour, the company said.

“I’m in no doubt that the new BMW 5 Series will set new benchmarks technologically, but also have huge emotional appeal,” BMW chief Harald Krueger said.
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