BMW Launches Test Drive Center in Incheon

D-Bo , July 15, 2014, 9:28 a.m.

German automaker BMW has built their first Asian test drive center on Yongjeong Island in Incheon.   The W77-billion or about $77 million US facility sprawls on the 240,000 sq.m site, the size of 33 football fields. It has a 2.6-km closed circuit racetrack as well as training academy, kids' area and showroom.

Though an opening ceremony was held Monday, the center will open to the public in early August.  There are six courses available. A basic driving program with an instructor costs W60,000 per hour, while a three-hour course costs W100,000 to W220,000 on weekdays. Drivers must use cars provided at the center. 

BMW's fifth R&D center is also located at the center. The 20-staff center focuses on navigation systems designed for Korean terrain and car battery technology.


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