BoA, Han Ji Min, Shin Se Kyung, and more Petition Against Inhumane Practices to Puppies

Kyung Ho Kim, May 17, 2016, 8:58 a.m.

4Minute member HyunA was a guest recently featured on the animal television program Animal Farm, where they broadcast an undercover episode exposing animal abuse.  HyunA ouldnt hold back the tears after watching the heartbreaking story of brutal dog mills, where inhumane breeding practices caused alarm. Following the episode, numerous heartbroken celebrities encouraged people to join the petition to abolish these inhumane puppy mills. Well-known dog lover Dana as well as BoA, Shin Se Kyung, Han Ji Min, Uhm Jung Hwa, and more shared posts on their SNS accounts that read, "We demand animal protection laws that will abolish puppy farms." 

BoA also wrote, "As an animal lover I cannot describe the sadness and anger I felt. Please put your hearts together. Mistreating animals because they cannot talk is not something humans should do."  Uhm Jung Hwa added a comment on her Instagram as well with the words, "I was devastated after watching the show. Do you think you can allow that if it was your family?" Han Ji Min also commented, "Please put your efforts together."

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