Bobby Kim Issue Public Apology Over Korean Air Scandal

D-Bo , Feb. 14, 2015, 1:35 p.m.

Solo artist Bobby Kim has issued a formal apology for the Korean Air scndal that occurred about one month ago.  On January 9, Bobby Kim was reported to have caused a disturbance during his Korean Air flight from Incheon to San Francisco. Korean Air claimed that because Bobby Kim was angered about being seated in economy class when he originally paid for business class, he became verbally abusive and drunk and sexually harassed a stewardess. 

However, due to Korean Air's refusal to cooperate with investigationsinconsistent reports, and witnesses denying certain aspects of the story, Korean Air's credibility has come under question. But a later witness claimed that Bobby Kim's actions were intolerable as he kicked and yelled throughout the flight and verbally sexually harassed the flight attendants.

On February 13 around 6:30 PM KST, Bobby Kim flew in from San Francisco intoIncheon International Airport and apologized to the press waiting for him, saying, "I am extremely sorry."   Bobby Kim took off his cap and bowed at the waist before continuing, "I apologize for causing a disturbance. Moving forward, I will sincerely cooperate with the police's investigation." After making this statement, he bowed once again.

When reporters asked questions regarding Korean Air's accusations that Bobby Kim sexually harassed a stewardess, the artist did not give an answer and departed the airport in his agency's van.  The police plan on investigating Bobby Kim on the 16th.

Bobby Kim  was born on 12 January 1973 in Seoul, Korea. His family moved to the United States when he was two years old. He is a well-established hip-hop and R&B artist in Korea. He was accused of sexually harassing a flight attendant and creating a disturbance while drunk on a flight from Korea to the United States in January 2015. Bobby Kim has stopped appearing in all television shows, including the TV Art Stage

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