Bobby shares thoughts about fan boycott; Fans get angry at mishandling of Bobby's new MVs

Jessica Lee, Sept. 14, 2017, 2:56 p.m.

In August, iKONICs announced a boycott in response to YG Entertainment mistreating iKON. The label's response to the boycott was that it was a misunderstanding from fans and that the group is preparing both group and solo albums. 

On September 14, to promote his new solo album, Bobby was interviewed by media outlet Maeil Kyungjae. 

About the boycott, he commented, "I believe the boycott showcases how much the fans want to see more of us, but we're unable to promote because we are still lacking in areas. We've taken this boycott to mean we need to work harder and do better to be allowed to promote again. I'd ask the fans to please wait, as we'll come back cooler and better."

When asked about iKON's plans for a comeback, Bobby said, "If we could, I'd love for the group to make a comeback tomorrow. At the moment, we're all hoping we can comeback before the year ends."

Meanwhile, fans are getting angry that Bobby's two new MVs, "I Love You" and "Runaway" are repeatedly being deleted and uploaded on the YouTube channel. Fans are hoping to give both MVs lots of views but that's not possible when the videos aren't being uploaded properly. 

Fan comments have been, "If you delete this one more time. You're f*cking up the views."; ":( Bobby doesn't deserve this."; "What the f*ck are they doing? This isn't fair!"; "YG Ent plz get your sh*t together."; "Are they trying to fix copyright issues?"; "This is the 4th time wtf stop doing this to Bobby."

The agency has yet to comment on the issue or provide any explanation about the technical errors. 

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