Both Cast and Staff from “Generation of Youth” Drama Still Remain Unpaid

Ben Cho, March 3, 2016, 4:43 p.m.

As of March 3rd, a representative of an actor who starred in the drama “Generation of Youth” said that payments still have not yet been received. The representative said, "We still haven't received the payments for 'Generation of Youth.' It has been nearly two years but we have gotten no concrete answer."


The drama ended in April of 2014, and had postponed pay towards the cast and staff of the show. During that time, Yoon Se Hyun, the CEO for the production company which was in charge of producing the drama, said that he would find a solution for the situation but still has not paid the full amount.


The representative continued on to say, "The production company CEO is only repeating that he will make the payments but nothing was resolved. From what I understand, a part of the leading cast and many supporting actors have yet to be paid. At this point, they have given up [on receiving the payment]. It's not only the leading and supporting roles that didn't receive their payments but the some staff members also didn't receive their payments.


Another representative came forward and said, "We have received a part of the the payment. But as for the remaining amount, they said to wait because they'll pay using any means possible. It's been near two years since they told us that." 


Ray&Mo, the production company responsible for the fiasco stated, "We will take care of the payment situation by the end of May."

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