Boy Band IZ Is Set To Debut Under Hong Jin Young’s Music K Entertainment Label!

Olivia Jung, May 2, 2017, 10:09 a.m.

Are you excited!? Recently it was announced that Music K Entertainment, the infamous Trot singer Hong Jin Young’s music label is set to debut their first ever boy band! The boy band is set to feature four individuals that are comprised of the head vocalist Jihoo, the guitarist Hyunjun, Junyoung who is the bass player, and also Woosu, who will be taking care of the drumming! The name IZ stands for ‘Open Your Eyes(IZ)’!

The boys have been gearing up for their debut for almost 2 years now and are were performing in various schools and promotional events to introduce themselves before their official debut! The boys are officially set to debut during the month of August.

Are you excited for the upcoming concert by the boys!?

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