Boys Republic's Sungjun & Onejunn Reveal Chocolate Abs on Covers of 'Boy's Health' - Updated Images

Songee Kim, Dec. 9, 2015, 10:27 a.m.

Boys Republic's Onejunn and Sungjun are featured as the shirtless cover models of the November and December issues of 'Boy's Health', although they definitely don't look like "boys" anymore! Despite their group's name, the guys look like the epitome of manliness in the parody health magazine with their toned physiques and chocolate abs!

Sungjun and Onejunn grace the fake publication's covers wearing nothing but a simple pair of jeans with their briefs peeking out and a smile (sort of). The eye-catching cover image would surely have magazines (if they were real) flying off the stands for men who seek to look like them and women who want to be with them!

The boy group's official Facebook page uploaded the hot parody images, making it a little hot in the room for fans! Good one, Boys Republic. Now, where can I get a copy?

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