Brave Girls Discuss Having No Leader and Their Comeback with “International bnt”

Nicholas Kim, May 18, 2016, 9:03 a.m.

The newest stars to grace the pages of “International bnt” are none other than the Brave Girls! The group has experienced some changes to their roster over the past three years, and they discussed promoting without a leader in the group. They commented, "We don't have a set leader, but we are all doing our best in each of our positions. For whatever we're doing, the person who has the highest capability in that area becomes the leader for that length of time. Our goal is to become the Pussycat Dolls of Korea."


The Brave Girls then brought up their label’s CEO and producer Brave Brothers by saying, "The first impression was very scary. He looked like a tiger who hadn't been fed in 10 years. These days, he's much calmer. He's a good teacher who never fails to point out our mistakes when we're recording, so he is still scary. But he shows us manners by leaving the recording studio if we seem uncomfortable recording in front of him." 

The comeback from Brave Girls seems to be fairly close as they said, "We are preparing a song written by Brave Brothers. A date hasn't been confirmed yet, but we plan on making a comeback soon. It will be a different concept that 'Deepened'." 

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