Brave Girls’ Yuna Performs a Cover of Jessie J’s “Price Tag”

David Song, April 21, 2016, 8:37 a.m.

Brave Girls member Yuna has just performed her own version of the English artist Jessie J’s popular song, “Price Tag”! We haven’t heard anything from the Brave Girls since they released their track “Deepened”, and we’re excited to see something new. Yuna shows that she has immense amounts of talent and makes singing the song look easy, hitting every single note without breaking a sweat. Check it out in the video below!


Brave Girls are a South Korean girl group formed by producer, Brave Brothers of Brave Entertainment. The group consists of seven (formerly debuted with five member) member: Minyeong, Yujeong, Eunji, Yuna, Hayun, Yoojin and Hyeran. They debuted on 8 April 2011 with the single album The Difference. The songs “Do You Know” and “So Sexy” were their promotional singles for the album. On 29 July, they made their comeback with reggae song “Easily” from their mini album Back to da Future. The group promoted a remix version of “Easily” on 13 August and released it on 26 August. They made an appearance on Jay Park’s Mr. Idol movie.

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