Brazilian Model receives recognition with her Tone-Deaf Singing on Mnet's 'I Can See Your Voice 4'

MiMi Jo, March 10, 2017, 3:35 p.m.

On the March 9 broadcast of Mnet's, 'I Can See Your Voice 4' a contestant became a viral sensation. The show featured a Brazilian model named Maria where she decided to take on Ariana Grande's hit song, "Problem." 

The bases of the show is simple, the celebrity guests must guess and determine whether the participants are skillfull or not in singing. The celebrity guests are given clues to help them guess whether the contestant is a skillful singer or a tone-deaf singer. The show displayed Maria as either a former Miss Portugal skillful singer instead of a Brazilian model who is tone-deaf. The model went on stage with confidence that many believed she was a skillful singer. As soon as the beautiful model opened her mouth, the viewers realized that she was in fact a tone-deaf participant. 

Despite the raspy and out of tune singing, everyone was so stunned with Maria. It was later revealed that this Brazilian model featured in Psy's music video, "Bell Bottoms." 

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