Bromance is in full bloom for Gong Yoo and co-star Lee Dong Wook

Yerin Kang, April 28, 2017, 3:36 p.m.

Gong Yoo held a press conference in Taiwan on April 28th and expressed his deep affection for the cast of "Goblin".

The actor talked about his formed co-star Lee Dong Wook, "I've always thought he was an amazing guy when we were in the military together, but came to think that he's an even better person as we filmed "Goblin".

He continued, "We were able to succeed with 'Goblin because all the actors/actresses were sincerely considerate. I'm not able to stay in contact with them since everyone's so busy, but I miss them."

Gong Yoo just could not stop gushing about Lee Dong Wook and said, "Lee Dong Wook was a co-star who was especially considerate. He's a friend who's been acting for a long time so it was very comfortable."

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