Brown Eyed Girls’ Member Miryo To Debut Solo

kpopluv, June 10, 2015, 10:49 a.m.

Brown Eyed Girls member Miryo has been confirmed to release her solo debut.  Their company Nega Network told Newsen on June 10, "Miryo just finished recording for her solo album. Her album release date has not been decided yet but we're looking at the end of June or early July." They added, "Miryo's solo track will have a vocal featuring by Ga In. After Miryo's solo promotions end, Brown Eyed Girls will begin their group activities."

Jo Mi Hye, better known by her stage name Miryo, is a South Korean rapper, who is part of the Korean girl group Brown Eyed Girls. The stage name Miryo comes from her childhood nickname Jomiryo, which is the name of a Korean seasoning.

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