Brown Eyed Girls' Miryo is Claiming Her Throne as 'Queen'!

bigpoppa, July 27, 2015, 9:52 a.m.

Brown Eyed Girls' fierce rapper Miryo is making a comeback with her second solo album, appropriately titled 'Queen', letting everyone know who's really in charge! The beautiful and talented rapper released her first teaser image today, a black and white image that has all of us bowing down to the 'Queen'!

In the teaser photo, Miryo is seen wearing heavy, smokey eye makeup and donning a messy, touseled hair-do. The rapper is also seen wearing what looks like a midriff-bearing top with belted accents and rockish accessories to match! Even in the black and white image, you can see Miryo's fit physique and a little bit of her abs peeking out. Ow!

Miryo's much-anticipated album is said to be produced by Rhymer of Brand New Music, with contributions by fellow girl group member Ga In, as well as another composer named Rishi, who's known for his work on Jessi, Cheetah Kangnam, & Verbal Jint's 'My Type' and rapper San E's 'Body Language'.

Miryo is claiming her throne as 'Queen' on July 30th!

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