BTOB Are the Ambassadors for Korean Tourism

Ben Cho, Feb. 27, 2018, 9:23 a.m.

BTOB has been selected to be the face of tourism for Korea! The Korean Tourism Organization or KTO has announced that the group will be officially ambassadors starting on February 27th. The title was held previously by big time names like Big Bang and Lee Jong Suk, and it looks like it’s now BTOB’s time to shine.


Beginning with their official ambassador status, BTOB will actively promote tourism in Korea. They will not only have their promotion videos, but will also be attending events for Korean tourism, and will be introducing the seven ways that each member travels. The group will be promoters for Korean tourism until the end of 2018.


The Korean Tourism Organization commented, ‘BTOB will help spread Korea’s various tourism contents all over the world.’ Are you excited to see BTOB’s new promotions?

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