BTOB celebrates 5th anniversary

Angela Jung, March 22, 2017, 9:43 a.m.

K-pop boy group BTOB celebrated their 5th anniversary on Naver’s V app live broadcast on Tuesday, with all seven members present thanking the fans for support. “We have prepared today’s show, ‘Sik’s sense,’” said Hyunsik who volunteered to host in the broadcast. 

All of its members took turns to express their appreciation to the fans that have supported them for the past five years. “My utmost thanks go to Melody. You guys are the reason I live,” said Eunkwang who referred to the idol group’s fan club. 

Minhyuk also said he was surprised how time went by so quickly and vowed to show a more mature side of the group.

The members then cut the cake. Changsub tried to make the viewers laugh by throwing a joke but was quickly stopped by Hyunsik.
“Your joke is so outdated,” Hyunsik said. Changsub also admitted and said he is aging. 

BTOB debuted in 2012 with their EP “Insane.” 

Monsta X

Boy group Monsta X appeared on Naver’s V app live broadcast on Tuesday to start the countdown for the release of the new album, “Beautiful.” Only five members were present with Jooheon and Gihyun absent.

“We hid Jooheon and Gihyun because they have some surprise changes. Jooheon looks like a British boy,” Minhyuk said. 

During the show, the idols played different gams. 

The members expressed their excitement and nervousness over the release of the new album, and hoped that the fans like it.

I.M said the group put a lot of effort into this album wants the fans to give it a good grade.

“I am also trying hard to look good. I think I look better than before,” Wonho said and added that they are very passionate.

The new album was released Tuesday at 9 p.m.

Chae Soo-bin 

Chae Soo-bin gave Naver V app viewers an access all areas pass of her drama studio while shooting for MBC’s “Traitor,” which is garnering viewership ratings of 9.8 percent

Dressed in Hanbok, Korea’s traditional costume, she greeted the viewers and the people around her. Some high school students who were watching her screamed out greetings and shouted how pretty she is as she passed them by. 

“I got cold, so my nose is runny,” she said. The 24-year-old introduced and interviewed the staff around the studio. 

“Tell me your preference, me or Yun Kyun-sang?” she asked the people she met. Yun is her counterpart and the protagonist in the drama. 

Chae previously starred in the TV series “Love in the Moonlight” last year with Park Bo-gum and Kim Yoo-jung. 

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