BTOB Fans in Cambodia Give in Their Name!

kpopluv, March 4, 2014, 10:12 a.m.

Last year, k pop boy band BTOB visited Cambodia.  During their visit, the guys met with fans, and donated food and their good works to people in need.  Since that time, the fans of BTOB started a project called Lighten Up Smile with BTOB Cambodia.  To celebrate the boys' "Beep Beep" promotions, BTOB fans donated rice in the group's name in Cambodia and even went out to personally give out the rice.  The video shows the happy faces of the recipients as they smile brightly at the camera while holding rice bags.  

Sungjae, who uploaded the video, also wrote on Twitter, "While surfing the internet, I discovered this...They did such kind acts under our name where no one could see them...I'm really grateful.  I was feeling tired both physically and emotionally at this moment, but regained a lot of strength after seeing this video ㅜㅜ!  I love you all, Melody (fan name)♥"

While member Ilhoon shared, "We BTOB will gain strength from seeing such an example as this.  I love you, Melody!  Thank you, Melody!"

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