BTOB Gets Signed for Another Endorsement Deal with "TBJ" Clothing

Maximilliano VCHK, July 21, 2015, 10:39 a.m.

BTOB's sudden rise in popularity these days means that the offers for endorsements and other deals are pouring in, and the BTOB members have decided that they will be the newest endorsement models for the Fall/Winter collection of the casual clothing brand "TBJ"!

A representative from "TBJ" commented, "The most 'recent it idol group' BTOB has strong charisma and wit at the same time, and their harmonic charms match well with the trendy, stylish TBJ brand's image. So they have been chosen as the new models."

BTOB's commercial film for TBJ's Fall/Winter line will be released in August alongside other online and offline promotions. A big congratulations goes out to BTOB, and we hope to see more endorsements from them in the future!

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