BTOB held fan meeting with 500 fans outside of ‘Inkigayo'

Jimmy Pak, Feb. 24, 2014, 11:41 a.m.

BTOB has put ‘fan meetings’ to a whole new level.  Over 500 fans arrived to the filming of their ‘Inkigayo’’Beep Beep’.  Fans from all over the world came to see the boys in the highest turn out of a pre-recording. 

BTOB sincerely thanked fans and held a special event with special lottery was set up to take pictures with the group.  Changsub even sang "The Thirteenth Month's Winter" and Ilhoon sang his part in "Hello Mello". Sungjae even imitated all the other members thankfully.  Hyunsik said, "Every time we have a fanmeeting, I'm happy because I feel like more people are with us each time."

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