BTOB Reveals Teaser Photos for Upcoming Mini-Album ‘NEW MEN’

Ben Cho, Oct. 31, 2016, 8:12 a.m.

For the upcoming 9th mini-album, BTOB will be ridding themselves of their emotional and slow-paced R&B image, and will be adopting a much more energetic and sexy vibe this time around. The group will be releasing their first dance title track in two years as well, which will be titled ‘I’ll Be Your Man’, and the fast paced track is sure to get fans’ hearts racing.


The stills of the group members show a very different side of the stars, and the new image is sure to get fans excited to see how the group will be positioning themselves when they release their new tracks. The boys’ individual shots show them all at the same angle with similar lighting, and there’s one final image showing the group all together. Check it out below!

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