BTOB Shows Chivalry to A Pink at ‘MBC Music Festival’

Troy Yang, Jan. 3, 2017, 8:55 a.m.

It looks like BTOB really knows how to take care of the women in their lives, as they have made some big waves with their chivalrous acts to A Pink! Both groups were in attendance for the ‘2016 MBC Korean Music Festival’ event, which was held on December 31st until January 1st. During the event, someone noticed that BTOB’s jackets ended up in A Pink’s hands, and decided to investigate.


BTOB could be seen performing with their bright coats on stage, but then later A Pink could be seen with the very same jackets draped over their laps to keep them warm! Netizens were touched by the kind act, and commended BTOB on their actions.

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