BTOB’s Changsub Shows A Pink’s Chorong His True Colors During Prank

Ben Cho, Dec. 22, 2016, 10:36 a.m.

BTOB member Changsub showed off his friendship with Chorong in the latest December 22nd broadcast of the ‘Yang and Nam Show’! Eric Nam asked A Pink member Chorong to play a prank on Chorong to test just how good of a person he is. Eric Nam then set up the prank by asking Chorong, ‘Were you good this year?’ Chorong affirmed that she in fact always tried to live a good life, to which Eric jokinly replied, ‘We can’t just trust what you say, so we have a way to prove if it's true or not.’


Eric Nam then introduced his segment called, ‘Friend, Make My Wish Come True’. He challenged Chorong to call a friend, to which Chorong replied, I don't have anyone to call but Changsub. I've never talked to him about money.’


Chorong then called the BTOB member and told him, ‘I am in a really difficult situation right now. Can you lend me 3,000,000 KRW ($2,500 USD)?’ Changsub then asked, ‘What's wrong?’ to which Chorong answered, ‘I have a family emergency, but I don't want to tell my members.’


Changsub shocked everyone by calmly saying, ‘Send me your bank account number’. Chorong then tested the waters by asking for even more money, asking for 2,000,000 KRW ($1,700 USD) more. Changsub seemed surprised, but when Chorong stated that she had no one to turn to but him, Changsub simply replied, ‘Okay. Pay back the money and 20 cups of coffee.’

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