BTOB’s Minhyuk Talks About His Pants Ripping and Exposing His Red Underwear

kpopluv, July 11, 2015, 11:46 a.m.

BTOB member Minhyuk has been involved in a comical situation,  where his pants ripped while performing on stage on July 9th on Mnet’s M!Countdown.  In a post interview, the idol joked, “I am in charge of red in BTOB. Please call me ‘The Red’ from now on.”

Fellow group member Yook Sungjae reveals that Minhyuk enjoyed reading funny comments and nicknames given to him after the incident. Apparently the BTOB member gained many SNS followers and had his tweet got re-tweeted over 10,000 times after the event.

He explains the situation and says, “The moment my pants ripped, I could not look with my eyes, but I felt it. Since there were still two minutes left in the performance I could not leave the stage after my pants ripped. I couldn’t not dance so I closed my legs together as I danced. As soon as I got off the stage, our managers patted me on the back and hugged me.”

Regarding the fact that the incident was caught on camera, he comments, “While it was embarrassing for me, I can make the sacrifice as it brought happiness to many people and spread the name of BTOB.”

Meanwhile, BTOB made a comeback with their first full album “Complete” on June 29 and are currently promoting their title track “It’s Okay.”

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