BTOB's Sungjae opens up in "InStyle" interview

Jessica Lee, Jan. 23, 2018, 10:33 a.m.

BTOB's Sungjae gets deep and personal in his latest interview with "InStyle." In the interview, he answers questions about his interactions with others, his visuals, his dream job as a child, and his favorite sunbae singer. 

"When I first meet people, I hide my true personality but then I brighten really quickly when I hang out with people. I manage to get to know people really quickly. I'm surprisingly comfortable around hyungs and noonas because I'm always the maknae. I have a hard time with same-age friends and anyone in the younger generations." 

He talked about his baby-face visuals, "The face that I've had since I was little in finally starting to show its age. I'm not very smart about facial care. When I was little, my mother and my older sister took care of me all the time, like washing my face in rice water. Even now, I don't lotion on when I'm alone."

He shared that as a child, he dreamed of being a PC cafe owner. Though he wasn't able to achieve that dream, he was recently selected as Korea's endorsement model for "Overwatch." He's currently on a variety show called "The Butlers" and for the show, he wishes they could visit his favorite sunbae singer Kim Dong Ryul. 

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